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For anyone waiting on the Chie sleep molestation lewd that everyone liked to get reuploaded:
I'm not going to be reuploading that until Yume Kinki gets some actual Yume Nikki fangame fans in it.
If you want it reuploaded, make sure to spread the word.

invite link to yume kinki if you somehow missed it:

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Join my discord and stay up to date with my latest projects or simply shitpost about lewd things with us:

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Regarding rules on requests:
I don't wanna be limited when it comes to fetishes so if you catch me on a good day I may accept something I'd usually reject (I reject the usual things like scat, piss, and inflation.) However, I'm extremely picky when it comes to what characters I'll draw. I'm very likely to reject any characters outside of my original characters, or select obscure interests.

a couple of doodles of Marina from the lost yume nikki fangame Frustration, one of her in the attire of the female ace trainer from pokemon clover and one of her as a silly head with feet.

a blurotsuki in a santa outfit and a birthday edit. i'd love to add to the blurotsuki christmas harem this year but the plan is still that i wont be creating any more dreamer content until im done reuploading my old works.

(reuploaded to fix shading on cum)

suggested by a good friend of mine, futalicia bullying samantha with her massive, scientifically enhanced girlcock

yes, she did impregnate violet o'sullivan (samantha's mom) with decuplets

an old ad for the old Yume Kinki featuring chie. it was quite rushed for some reason? and i dont think it was very successful in getting new users. now that i got a new yume kinki up tho, maybe it'll get a second chance:

an upset irotsuki i drew to spook the dude that cancelled me last year, which i think it did a great job judging by his behavior after he saw this. guy probably didnt expect me to find his actual twitter handle since he had approached me on an alt.

i think i drew iro very well here too. im especially proud of the facial expression and the breast squeeze under the hoodie. irotsuki is cute!! i love irotsuki!!

a shocked emote of nire from yuque. her head could be more round on the top, it keeps bugging me that it's not. again, available for use on yume kinki.

a natsuki banning emote. i cant think of much else to say. it's available for use on Yume Kinki, that yume nikki and fangames nsfw discord server i like shilling a bunch.

pershina's base form pokemon sprite. she would've been a pure rock type with slow speed but good bulk and special attack

fuchsia's currently unnamed electro slug Ego that allows her to act as a living battery. it's usually sitting on her shoulder whenever she has it out

"liaruux huge cock"

fuck you, rapey futa dommy mommy slime woman time

quick birthday gift for a friend


@foodiefringus here you go. Sorry if it wasn't what you were expecting I was kinda just going with the flow hkshkdh

modori from ShamaL as a sunglasses emote, with and without a twinkle. the twinkle version is now available for use on Yume Kinki, an adult Yume Nikki and fangames discord server.

otetsuki from yume 3kki but she has HUGE milkadonkers. her being a dumb oaf with huge tits is a very fun thought, though she seems flat as hell in her sprite... also, im done with the old lewds now, i'll be working on uploading the sfw content now.

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