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Regarding rules on requests:
I don't wanna be limited when it comes to fetishes so if you catch me on a good day I may accept something I'd usually reject (I reject the usual things like scat, piss, and inflation.) However, I'm extremely picky when it comes to what characters I'll draw. I'm very likely to reject any characters outside of my original characters, or select obscure interests.

are there any artists out there that specialize in futa on female babymaking? :welp:

my part of an art trade with
LunariaBell on twitter

futa alicia mating pressing maxi and getting her pregnant 😳
i wonder what their child would look like....

dunno whether i should have lucia canonically own a please be patient i have autism hat, have her blue t-shirt be a please be patient i have autism shirt and reveal that as a joke/super casually and not even bring attention to it or just not include either of those things as parts of her wardrobe

and i looked up my own name just now and i noticed some of my lewds were on this "" site. no idea what that is and i'm too paranoid to check out myself, maybe someone on right now knows?

my friend looked his username up on google and Plastic Lee came up. i dont know why but that makes me really happy πŸ˜„

i cant stop thinking about wholesome lucia x samantha stuff. expect something special for valentine's.

fun(?) idea:
think about a character of yours. now think of what they were when you first created them, and other versions of them along the way to their current version today. if they met eachother, how would they interact? maybe try to draw an interaction between them?

lucia's been with me for years. i have a version of adult lucia from when i drew on paper where she was edgier and angstier. she and the current, optimistic and friendly adult lucia would make for an interesting duo.

"Lucia Information Sheets"

Includes Lucia Vivas, Calling out from Dreamland and Bright Futures sheets.

God this took a while, but I wanted to make sure the protagonist of Dream Chasers is properly expressed.

If you're a fan of my work, please consider joining my Discord server:

Ego names are based on Scatman's World by Scatman John and All Hail Bright Futures by And So I Watch You from Afar

damn im blowing up. feels nice. i hope these new fans will return to me for free art when i inevitably reopen requests

"Samantha dicks Lucia down hard"

join my discord!

requested by the same guy that requested the futa lucia raping her mom pic

oblivious lucia is top kawaii. glad how the mating press came out too.

have you ever created a kawaii waifu and eventually regret it because she's too kawaii and perfect and that you'll never get to have her ever :sadness: :sadness: :mastodon_oops: :sadness:

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