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just to make sure people know, i've got a lolicon-friendly themeless discord server:

if you like smash bros, jojo, persona, being constantly horny, and dont mind endless streams of the hottest takes known to man, we could probably get along

i post wips of my art here frequently (and when my server finally gets the go live feature, i may start streaming my art too) so if you want to know what i'm working on and how i'm working on it this is the place to be

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Regarding rules on requests:
I don't wanna be limited when it comes to fetishes so if you catch me on a good day I may accept something I'd usually reject (I reject the usual things like scat, piss, and inflation.) However, I'm extremely picky when it comes to what characters I'll draw. I'm very likely to reject any characters outside of my original characters, or select obscure interests.

"i wanna grab mion's antlers"

inspired by a message sent in my Yu Mizokami/Masayuki Furuya games discord, check it out here:

i see a lot of creampie art, but sometimes i feel like people dont explore the consequences of unprotected creampies enough πŸ€”

i dont think i've ever posted adult lucia and samantha here on baraag? i plan on there being multiple parts to Dream Chasers, and in Dream Chasers 2 lucia and samantha end up marrying. also, lucia is a womanlet (slightly over 4 feet) while samantha is a giant (almost 7 feet) which should make seeing them together an odd sight due to their size difference

simple drawing of the yomawari: night alone protagonist. very underrated loli, will be drawing more of her and occasionally lolis from other games by mizokami/furuya like firefly diary and the new void terrarium.

i dont advertise it as much as my other servers, but i own a discord server for fans of yomawari and its sister games, check it out here:

or check out my main themeless server here:

anyone got any cozy lolicon-friendly discord servers i can check out? :blobtea:

prostitution, pregnant loli, lactation 

gonna try something...

foodie fringus#2503

lets see what happens πŸ˜—
maybe we can talk about obscure girls or requests, or maybe i can let you in on a secret game-related project i'm working on heh heh

"lucia eats glue"

lucia acting mentally challenged is my favorite thought

basically ripping off this image:
if anyone knows the original source please give so i can properly credit the work

btw check my discord out:

changing my requests to Yomawari characters only. if by any miracle you're also a fan of the Yomawari games and would like to see lewds of the characters, please throw me some requests!

figured out how to see who i've blocked/muted :fg_peter:

anyone else have those super obscure characters you wish other people liked just as much as you?

i blocked a lot of people until i realized muting did the thing i actually wanted and i'm wanting to change all the blocks to mutes

to the people that voted on my poll...

alicia's my favorite too :sticker_hatkid:

been thinking about peoples' use of "commission" and "request" a lot. is it wrong to get a bit annoyed when people tag their work as both commission and request, especially when it's just a commission, or when people call what should be called a request, a "free commission"?

there isnt too much info on them on the moment, but which of my characters so far has been your favorite?

Link to NSFW Art trade 

The request for @foodiefringus

I hope you like it so much! Because for this I'm gonna sleep too late haha. Enjoy it ^^

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