@fizrot So close to seeing the gate of hell, her look tells me that I might be able to enter it soon😈

@fizrot This has become my favorite Dagger pics by far. The fact that she's practically naked in the water, her skin is nice and smooth and reflective as a result. The water is just opaque enough to make seeing her down there impossible, but her face says it all. She's begging for a playmate and giving you every reason to want to join her, and after all this time you really can't refuse, just like the poor souls behind her

@fizrot Saying i like the piece is an understatement. I LOVE the piece. Definitely one of your best works!! It's also a prime example of why i love your work, the amount of teasing is both extremely hot and frustrating at the same time and i can't help but love it

@fizrot We are so close to a full nude, yet so far away. Will there be a full nude in the future? One can only hope.

Jesus, I wish I had an ounce of your talent. Do you understand how hard water is to render realistically, or does it come naturally?

@Grimmy_Kun Nothing ever really comes naturally, once you understand some base concepts with rendering you can interchange those skills to a lot of different materials though. :salute:

@fizrot That rendering of wet skin is incredible and that drool running down her chest is gonna make me go feral

@fizrot makes me really inspired to draw/animate some wet skin rubs. Rub up and down her belly and waist, firm and smooth.

@fizrot incredible work on this, the wet skin, the hair, and everything overall is so nicely done :blobmeltsoblove: your art is such a big inspiration

@fizrot oh wow, this is the closest we've ever seen Dagger completely naked. Still though this so well done she's so cute. I just want to hug her.

@fizrot When I squint a little...
This whole account is technically SFW

@fizrot 💦 nice nother to add to collection great work :blobheart:

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