@fizrot cute! Do you have a fanbox or anything where you post more nsfw stuff? I'd be glad to support ya

@illyasonii Thanks! At the moment I just paint for fun. But I appreciate the offer ❀️

@fizrot it's all good! I love that you just *barely* don't show naughty bits, but I wasn't sure if that was because you were offering alt versions or not. :aggretsuko: keep up the good work tho!!

@fizrot I just wanna kiss her knees better! (But maybe also be the one responsible for the fluids on her lol)

@son_of_the_paladin From her face I dont know if she wants her knees better haha

@fizrot she does look rather satisfied licking them herself

@fizrot I-I can't take it any More! I want to see her little pussy!!😭

@fizrot Dagger looks so satisfied after licking her knees. Also what a cute pair of panties she's wearing.

@Hiro07Azuno Yeah she is an interesting one :kannaBlob: And thanks! A bow and frills always does the job πŸ‘Œ

@fizrot looks like she enjoys the pain and did someone cum on her dress in the second pic

@fizrot she looks in pain though hopefully she doesn't get sick

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