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Young Link/Fem!TwiLink is my Linkcest OTP.

as much as I like tender parent/child stuff the weird Oedipal shit is good too

going to mommycon, a convention for mothers

esp. mother/son and parent/child in general

give me written, romantic incest

fanfic or original fictional, doesn't matter

the best shit is really tender parent/child pairings

absol has gotta be one of the TOP TEN pokemon that awakens unquenchable thirst in me


Edelgard, after eating pussy like a champ, can only tear up at the intensity as Byleth goes for Edelgard's own folds.

Have not been as active on here as I'd like to be.

Treat genders more like musical genres, tbh.

Like, I’m a sort of buff mid-90s southeastern trashy femme dyke with nerd flair, but β€œwoman” will suffice when I’m talking to strangers.

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