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Treat genders more like musical genres, tbh.

Like, I’m a sort of buff mid-90s southeastern trashy femme dyke with nerd flair, but “woman” will suffice when I’m talking to strangers.

Hatred for one another within our species over arbitrary factors such as pronoun usage, melanin count, or which ever consenting adult we sleep with can only thrive in a society that places maximum individual growth and pleasure above that of the collective. It is incredibly hard, even for those who acknowledge the absurdity of these reactions, to reprogram yourself when you've been brought up in such a society. But the effort must still be made if we desire to cultivate an enlightened society.

godddd my partners haven't been around and I've been super sad about it :c

okay let's be real here, Touko from Pokemon is fucking freaky


i consider myself a bit of a renaissance man, in that i dont wash often and regularly get imprisoned by the church for hollering about the sun


boys in lingerie is something only the most intelligent beings know how to truly appreciate

CSA, real shit 

Being the mommy of your own genderswapped and kodofied self is peak kodocon and I love it

look I know I just scream about shotas but CAN YOU BLAME ME

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