FULL VERSION: >> fairycosmo.com/principal-fores << and were officially selected for a special sibling learning group in the Springfield Elementary. They will learn how to take huge cocks anal without waste one single drop of cum. My god. This description was even for me very poor. But well.. what else to say.. ItÔÇÖs a picture, they fucking so.. yeah.

>> fairycosmo.com/one-twerp-2-b-c <<Those were made as WIPs for the customer who commissioned the scat poo poo Vicky picture you may remember. Contains , man.

Almost one year of work took this character reference sheet to finish. I did spend three years of work into this project to redesign her final appearance and pair it with my own personal drawing style. Say hello to Crystal. >> FULL VERSION: fairycosmo.com/crystal-charact <<

The commissioner referenced to the Gender Bender series with Timmies ÔÇťtroubleÔÇŁ. He gave a prime example why it isnÔÇÖt good to fuck around with Timmy Turner.
>> Full version: fairycosmo.com/time-for-reveng <<

My site mascot Crystal in her fairy appearance done by ÔÇťBleedmanÔÇŁ. Commissioned by 8horns as birthday gift for me. Outstanding result ÔÇô Thanks mate, also thanks to @8horns for this cool gift. Full version here: fairycosmo.com/crystal-by-blee

I found an older concept drawing I made for this big brad and tuck set i made a while ago. This was planned as another panel. unfortunately i didn't had space anymore on it x3 So here's another unfinished sketch for ya :blobrainbow:

Remember this scene from the show where poofs into a cheerleader? Well I don't but I remembering it differently...

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