Remember this scene from the show where poofs into a cheerleader? Well I don't but I remembering it differently...

And here's yet another Simpsons commission. This time round, Krusty had invited lil' Brittany (from the episode "Krusty Gets Busted") for an 'after-show' performance. Artist is the brilliant @fairycosmo

I accidently pushed the boosting Button and boosted something from me again :blobfearful: Sorry about that.

Just in case you like it in doggy style. Stilly working on other stuff so again just archive stuff today to post.

Soon porn will happen... but first is still some work to finish till she peels out of her jumpsuit...

"One in the Pink and one in the stink". Found some more old scraped drawings on my hard drive...

What is the first thing you do after become stranded in the amazon rainforest? Exactly! Giving a bunny a blowjob! ­čÉ░ I hate when that happens.

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