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if you guys aren't following @fairycosmo for all their amazing stuff you don't know what you're missing out on. this sketch was something that I just outlined and colored for them and I will say this I think I'm starting to get the hang of this tablet. After finishing it I saw what else i could've done instead but practice makes perfect.

If you guys don't want my stuff fine then. The attached link he send is btw a gore picture. Does any of those big artists get such hate mails? noo just the retarded fairycosmo does. I would say that's all. I don't want anymore.

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it seems my mini comic isn't really the hit. For those who didn't interacted with it, what's the reason? I would like to know it to make it better the next time :) It might be only a commission but I would like to hear feedback.

Thanks for the donations and the support. Funds are fine now for the upcoming August :)

For those who wonder why so much drama recently, that's easy. Over 10 years I didn't said anything about that everything I do no one cares for it nor getting feedback. You can shut your mouth for a long time but someday it will come out.

I mean what I'm doing wrong? Creating arts for 14 years no one gives a damn for it? If you don't like my stuff then say it and stop doing those cruel games. Tell me that I'm suck then I'll stop doing art and that whole bullshit is over. People told me something about my anatomy and shit - Yeah sure anatomy for calarts cartoons everyone draws nowadays, sure.

You know sometimes it's just funny that people who where at elementary school when I started drawing now releasing some pic that has more hits than my website in one month, which I barely can effort anymore. Now I have to beg people to boost like a kid asking for candy to at least get a few extra bucks for it. Then people ask why I'm not releasing anything anymore.

Also to those who prolly not seeing that thank toot since they boosted and didn't left a follow, or to those who ignored my help call entirely but I get used to that.

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This is a help call to my fellow artist colleagues. I'm terribly low on funds and for August I didn't received enough funds to pay my bills yet. Please have a heart and boost or promote one of my posts or arts to get to some more reach. It's really serious. My fanbox is and got one off donations my art you can find on my account or on @ardidon @gosgoz @CubedCoconut @GR_art @dxt91 @DROCK @rirfen @DropCell @Dandidoo

I just wish being part of it. Seeing others successful with ease is frustrating & makes me think & say stupid things. I just want to apologize to those who got angry of me because of my inconsiderated statements. Its part of my health problems & also partly caused by medication that I simply cant shut my filty mouth & sometimes caused by the language barrier which causes misunderstandings. I hope you can forgive me. Ive lost a bunch of good friends in the past years & I really regret it.(4/4)

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