>> fairycosmo.com/one-twerp-2-b-c <<Those were made as WIPs for the customer who commissioned the scat poo poo Vicky picture you may remember. Contains , man.

Almost one year of work took this character reference sheet to finish. I did spend three years of work into this project to redesign her final appearance and pair it with my own personal drawing style. Say hello to Crystal. >> FULL VERSION: fairycosmo.com/crystal-charact <<

The commissioner referenced to the Gender Bender series with Timmies ÔÇťtroubleÔÇŁ. He gave a prime example why it isnÔÇÖt good to fuck around with Timmy Turner.
>> Full version: fairycosmo.com/time-for-reveng <<

Goal reached! Thank you very much:blobreach: :blobheart: :blobmelt:

If someone has a few bucks left, may consider to Donate a coffee (3$) to help me to pay the server costs for my website. Of course an donation is optional, unique and without any subscription for you - Supporters on Discord are able to receive a new special role. This is all I can offer to you besides my deep gratitude to potential supporters. I feel very bad about begging so shameless for support. I always thought it will never come this far and I deeply apologize for it ko-fi.com/taofc_tipjar

My site mascot Crystal in her fairy appearance done by ÔÇťBleedmanÔÇŁ. Commissioned by 8horns as birthday gift for me. Outstanding result ÔÇô Thanks mate, also thanks to @8horns for this cool gift. Full version here: fairycosmo.com/crystal-by-blee

I found an older concept drawing I made for this big brad and tuck set i made a while ago. This was planned as another panel. unfortunately i didn't had space anymore on it x3 So here's another unfinished sketch for ya :blobrainbow:

Remember this scene from the show where poofs into a cheerleader? Well I don't but I remembering it differently...

And here's yet another Simpsons commission. This time round, Krusty had invited lil' Brittany (from the episode "Krusty Gets Busted") for an 'after-show' performance. Artist is the brilliant @fairycosmo

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