is about to show his junk to his sister Lisa. Based of the slightly gay catwalk scene from the episode โ€œO Brother, Where Bart Thou?โ€œ. More variants on my website:

Two colored pages of a old comic I''ve never colored because lazy asshole and so. Pages available on my main page:

Just in case you're an artist and using one of those pen displays: Always make sure you have a bottle of Windex and a roll Kleenex right besides you.

welcomes her new trainee Sarah. The slightly chubby girl cant wait to start working with her new boss. And crystal cant wait to ask her laying carpet :bloblul: More stuff and art & archives on

It seems Paheal deleted my recent artwork and a bunch of other lisa arts.

For full pics support me on pa... :blobsir: Ha! No just kidding :bloblul: Some for upcoming stuff I will post of course for free when they're done.

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