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original sketch @fairycosmo

she's got some really good sketches that needed some outlines and colors so what better way to give them life and of course learn my tablet is doing some and sharing them here since i don't know where else i can but I do have a few more that will be getting done

@fairycosmo i just love working on these and trying to make them look complete and when people say drawing hands are a pain they weren't kidding lol but anyways hope everyone enjoys and goes to the original artist that created this @fairycosmo

another sketch i just finished for @fairycosmo that she had so decided to outline and color i think i might be getting somewhat better figuring out this tablet and learng this software but please everyone go check out the original artist who drew this i just outlined it and colored it &jotter

so with the permission from the awesome @fairycosmo I got to add color and outline this picture she did this is the first time adding shades to it at least on a character and i know i left out the sketch pad let me know what you guys think

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