Okay I guess the result of my recent poll was clear. No fanbox postings anymore on this account.

For those who still want to see my fanbox stuff you can still get updates here:

Via Twitter :twitter: β–Ί twitter.com/FairyCosmo
Via Push: :telegram: β–Ί t.me/fairycosmo (Regular pics)

Or the fanbox portfolio on my website: β–Ί fairycosmo.com/updates/fanbox/

Thanks for those who voted. 79 people of 1457 is for my standards nbot bad. Althought I wished tehre would be a bit more activity :blobeyes:

Should I continue posting fanbox updates here? Or do you prefer normal artworks only. (Poll runs 1 week)

@fairycosmo has some awsome sketches thats just asking to be outlined and colored like this one here i added the text and background to make it look like his room hope everyone likes it i think im almost figuring out how this tablet and software work

@fairycosmo had another sketch that i thought needed to be brought to life with colors hope everyone enjoys and goes check out her stuff its amazing

Now available for all: β–Ί FULL: fairycosmo.com/good-doggo/

Get early access to upcoming stuff by supporting me on pixivFANBOX:

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