Dominated Night Elf [gore, futa] 

Thanks for the commission, quest complete!

#guro #dismemberment #furry #peril 

Been a while since I posted here, maybe there's a backlog of things.

Thankyou for the comission <3

Glutton's Punishment (internal view) [furry cooking/vore] 

Thanks for the commission <3

Glutton's punishment [furry cooked] 

Feli ate Leshana and is cooked as a punishment

Ebony , servant of Gluttony

Thankyou for the commission :)

Meat Rustlers Rustled [gore,surgery] 

Me and Feli getting our stomachs emptied the hard way, and refilled with rocks as punishment, no stealing!

Thanks for the commission <3

Last Dance [guro] 

Thanks for the commission poe , this was really fun ^_^

Bonus Round [gore] 

This guy is really going to want revenge in round 2 :P

Bonus Round 1/3 [gore] 

Bonus round for the previous fight :3

Thanks for the commish <3

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