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i don't know what class would work best for me for rpg settings but my boyfriend? he's the cutest ranger 🏹

I still don't have a way to describe matΓ© properly that doesn't require an essay and a half. But yeah it's a uh social beverage and it has an emoji πŸ§‰ (which will hopefully render soon on mobile!) and also a holiday, today!

Snowke evolves into Pythaw when exposed to [Waifu Stone πŸ’¦]

i haven't put this much effort into drawing bubbles since ever and

it had to be arrow barracuda :'D

hEYYY new bug boi πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

His name is Gayle he's a Frosmoth and I co-designed it with my friend DandyChilla over at twitter


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