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Time to post some backlog. Here's makuhita 🙌
He's ready for adventure

Wanted to post something today so, here's Tepig again.

Dancing is what to do
Dancing's when I think of you
Dancing's what clears my soul
Dancing's what makes me whole

Leafeon just havin' a good time y'all. <3

fused two fakemon for this one

a cutie and literally a dress

Robot rabbit/rodent from space 🐇 fakemon
Or alternatively the Low Poly Seagull from Daytona USA, except it's a robot rabbit :3>

Fakemon from: 💻🧬

Ok I might have self-indulged with this one a lot 😳 I just have a weakness for     bows and
this in particular ok 🖤💦

More fakemon shenanigans. It's really neat and some of the AI generated designs are actually neat and could actually belong in a google play pokemon bootleg hhahah. Do check it out if you're in need of cute/monster inspiration


These AI-generated fakemon are legit really neat looking 😳

Check 'em out, try drawing some:

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