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Always hated the show but Johnny Test had hot sisters. Nother com done =D

Anime isn't my forte but I think this comm came out alright =D

Still putting friends list back together, if you had a com going with me add me on discord. New ID is DXT#9794

By the way, if you have a current commission going with me, I'm still gonna finish it, DM me for my new discord ID.

So thinking I'm gonna lay off loli/shota for a while once I finish this list of comms I have right now. Been thinking so for a while and this has tipped the scales for me.

So my Discord acc got deactivated.

Didn't expect that. Gonna make another.

End of stream sketch of Eliza and Donnie Thornberry =D

Side note I would leave a permanent imprint of my dick inside Eliza Thornberry from dicking her multiple times daily.

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