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uh yeah. kinda getting very attracted to all that deltarune stuff, chapter two made me really love the game again

i made myself another twitter for posting some cookie stuff, this is the first thing i will post there
i need to get better at drawing females :(

ahhh whipped cream cookie, i love drawing him! such a cute cookie

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My thirst is strong and I have a weak spot for knights and princes

I just wanted to draw Madeleine.

And why Chocoleine? Why not?
It's something different than Espresso x Madeleine 24/7. (´-﹏-`;)

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This was supposed to get back at Espresso, not have him... Enjoy it.

But, it seems like the snooty whore mage finally gotten what he wanted!
(About time.)

nsfw gore non-con 

sorry for the lack of posting! i have been drawing for other fandoms, but now i just felt like drawing this~ it looks kind of wonky, its been a while since i last did some cookies.

anyways, i hope i draw more soon!

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Forgot to toss this picture of Alchemist on here too, whoopsie

Always in embarrassing poses for her stupid brother. 💕(´ε` )


i cant believe the amount of friends that thought licorice was a girl... smh
anyways, just a little doodle, might look a bit weird but eh just posting something here, some day i will find the inspiration to do something with color again~

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Gonna put this here as well because why not?
Just cute lil Brute with his dumb strawberry flavored cock out

I think he's adorable af :dororo:

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