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Mina's special lap dance for a dragon friend

Now with sound 🔊


Unfortunately the model is unfinished so I can't make animations with it until someone fixes it up :mastodon_oops:

Now the wait for someone to port the Taz Multiverus model

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Voting for which animation to finish and add sound to at FANBOX

I'm going to be finishing up whatever animations looks good enough in my SFM folder before moving on to Blender

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Doodle featuring Crash and Nina Cortex for @ducktape !! Was a blast to do and was an honor to work with them again!!!

Gwen x Dog FANBOX voting winner early release for FANBOX members

Animation goes public in 2 weeks

Source Filmmaker makes almost everything about 3D animation a chore :mastodon_oops: I can't wait until I can afford a good PC that can run Blender without massive lag in the viewport.

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