fantasy, zoophilia, impregnation 

I would love to become a breeding bitch for any big horny dog cock...I would get stuffed with puppies and dream of being raped and pregnant nonstop

Horny Fantasy (incest, ws) 

Dad had some friends over to watch the football game. He dressed me in nothing but a jock strap and had me get them beers while they groped and fingered me.

He stopped one who excused himself to go take a piss. "Got a perfectly good urinal right here," Dad explained, pushing me down onto my knees.

fantasy, underage, zoophilia 

When i was 15, I used to rub my pup's cock but he never wanted me...

I still want a dog to breed me, I see big strays on the streets and fantasize about taking them to a dark alley to rape me. I'm still being a virgin bitch

Fantasy, shota 

"Okay son, your mommy and sister went out shopping for the day, you know what that mean... we wear their clothes until they get back"


I dont think the first thing I did of him got posted here so here's that too.

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Cult of the Lamb but it's a shota boy recruiting pedos to be his followers and the "sermons" are where he gets gangbanged all day

Ever since his daddy got a job upgrade, Zack's been spending a whole lot of time hanging out at Mr. Morgan's office. Sure, he's very young, maybe too young to have an internship, but hey - it's never too early to learn the ropes of the business!

Warning: Shota incest dad son sex 

I just published [Depraved Folks] Immoral Desire. This is 23 pages story (PDF English) with 15 HD CG artworks.

Find it here:

(Also available for Gumroad membership

when he tells me he will shut me up by slamming his cock in my bratty little mouth >

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