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My little addition to the Lewdoween event. I'm not hispanic, but I wanted to help out anyway, so go check it out if you want the full-rez version of this pic, a bunch of others, and like 7 full-color comics.

It's Out! The Anthology is complete and my part is a comic of my favourite puke colored hair psycho, Gertrude!

This collection features a bunch of great artists so don't miss it. More info and available for purchase here:

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You will be able to get this Anthology somewhere, before Halloween.
My part is a 11 pages comic.
More information in future posts.

Alright just woke up and thicc lowlees won
I guess i was right about my audience, thank u all for voting and stuff, more culonas and tummies coming soon.
(Of course thin and dongs tho :harold: )
This was a social experiment. :blobrainbow:

Gun to your head

charlene culona, that butthole peek gets me ๐Ÿ˜ฉ ๐Ÿ‘Œ
lil thing i did on stream tonight

My part of an art trade with @kirisuto
Great artist, one of my favourites! go check him out :blobrainbow:

retouched an old doodle on stream yesterday for the discord.
good times.

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