i didnt expect to get many replies here lol
But yeah, i dont really blame the guy for not wanting to deal with hosting loli on his imageboard, i guess most people who like loli (me included) are just tired of being persecuted and having to go through so much trouble to enjoy, share or make content, and it doesnt help that the reasons of the guy sound weird and kinda dishonest tbh, im not saying he's lying tho.
Baraag is great, i just want to get into some drawthreads in an imageboard, man

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loli tummy 

dp doodle slaped with some color :bossbaby:

lolish and big dingus 

one of my fav works from 2019, there's a lot to improve here but i like it overall.
done for a patreon poll/request thingie.

big ass cock futa loli lmao xddddd 

the masking is fucked i wanna kill myself aaaaaaaaa

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big ass cock futa loli lmao xddddd 

kanna commission, big pepe, alts and extras on jewtron :harold:

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