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Please keep things that happened on twitter separate from here. This account is not for airing your grievances about my Twitter account, and people doing this will just be blocked.

For the time being though, you're free to follow me here with whatever kind of account if you wish. Just don't @ me about twitter shit.

Seriously with Lincoln dressing as a girl. Anyway, trap time.

Original Image: Maniacpaint
Colors by me

The current collection. Now I have all of the Ruby Gloom books.

With the quarantine going on and her latte shop closed in the meantime; Araceli has found a lot more time for herself~

here is a request from my good friend @SpookyRyder I call it: fantasies under the moonπŸ–€Γ—πŸ‘πŸŒ•

Another image of Attomic Puppet. The police girl and the MILF If this is life in prison, I want to be there.

Original Image: @Gloomytits
Colors by me.

Misae Nohara

Dealing with a butt that big must be a real problem.

Original Image and all credits: gogokun
Colors by me

After a week of printing. it's finally complete. I now have a way to display these Ruby Gloom undies next to the rest of my Ruby Gloom stuff. Again, huge thanks to @GAMIR_SFM for his Elin model. Probably the only worthy modeled hips to wrap these panties around.

Context to my last post, I'm using @GAMIR_SFM 's Elin model as a lower bust to display these. Hopefully will have something to show for in a week after printing and assembly.

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