Secret of Kells
To the victor the spoils
(Aisling From The Secret of Kells) Gift/request for a great pervert! i'll try and color it if i get t he chance.

Fuck I forgot to post this last one here too. Jesus I'm fucking up :blobcatsadreach:

So, the line animation for this finally done, I worked on this on and off while I had alot of school shid to do but now that that's over I was able to partly finished the animation.....I'll add other details whenever I get the chance to colour the animation....
As a novice animator, that head piece is the craziest thing I've attempted so far:-[


A Song of the Sea thing...

Cum see more/better resolution:

Usually post first on Pixiv, but my network sucks. Have some twincest and implied sticky pedo tentacle rape...

Hate mobile gaming, the art style was ok but, c´mon, it was too hard to make a cuphead thingy wit them? meanwhile have to do something before they fade into the ip explotation void.
Work in progress...

Second time sharing here in baraag, English is not my native language so sorry if I carn´t spel okay yet!

My gallery, moistly loli/shota oc stuff:


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