I'm so tired of scrolling through pixiv and spotting some retard posting cp photos with filters on it. I easily reported 10 or more of such accounts. I think its safe to say that if you use real refs you completely miss the point of producing fictional shit. Let alone just post photos and pretend it has come from your head and hands. :overrustle: :overrustle: :overrustle:

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@diathornnn bro that is some really creepy shit for those bastards to do that

@diathornnn Yeah, I hate those people. Its kinda funny though. You're art is so good that I used to think you traced cp like Murai-Renji, but I'm glad you're legit.

@diathornnn In the most blindest positive thought I could've coming up with would be that they want to make their own piece of art with as much as minimal effort on them.

@diathornnn I saw one of them trying to say their art was just so good it looked indistinguishable from real life. Hate that shit, not only are they spreading CP, they're doing it under the guise of a skill they haven't even come close to earning.

@diathornnn Luckily I've never come across that type of stuff. There's one artist that draws some suspiciously realistic lolis, but then again, I don't know enough about art in order to know what to look out for. It seems they even post tutorials, but I can't confirm because I'd have to pay for it.

@diathornnn Christ me too! I reported one repeatedly, and every photo he uploaded and he was up for weeks, Pixiv is so slow to respond to CP and its awful for all of us.

@diathornnn There one iv'e been reporting for weeks that wont go down, He putting images through a black and white filter and then using dithering patterns, one of the images he posted is of a pregnant woman, but ive seen the real photo of that one so I know theyre all real.

@diathornnn I didn't even realize this was a thing that was happening, that's fucking horrible. 😰
Like even realistic 3D is a bit too close for comfort for me, but that is just straight up RL. Yikes.

@diathornnn it's beyond sick and disgusting

I literally encountered such a thing last

fucked me up for 2 days even questioned my interest in Lolis

fuck these people

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