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@diathornnn Ah okay, I need to ask my mom's permission first! 😱

@diathornnn @idontknowshot umm its the server called you been blocked and reported? I cant post anythong or see anythiny

@diathornnn I actually found some time to play the game and it was interesting. And of course your art was top notch!

I felt it was maybe a little over written and that there was maybe too much narration used to set the scene for what was ultimately a very simple story. I also kinda wondered why some scenes even happened (like the hobo murder. But I suppose you didn't have anything to do with the writing, just wanted to let you know how I felt.

Still hope you do more, And I liked the voices!

@Already4514 Yeah i still dont remembe rwhy i did the hobbo scene maybe i was just frustrated/tired of working on the VN! hehe

@diathornnn Ha, fair enough reason! If I could leverage one last issue, it's that I wish there was more rimming. Oh well, maybe in the future. Regardless, I'll be curious to see what you do next. πŸ‘

@diathornnn Finally got around to reading this vn (after paying ofc) and HOLY FUCK was that brutal. A bit experimental too in some segments.

The writing and va weren't top notch, but the sum of all the parts were enough to make the story overall enjoyable. Especially the environmental sound design. Really good stuff.

@diathornnn It was great! Double identical choice "choose death" got me a bit confused and I think I got error ending after toilet scene first time.

Art was stunning keep it up!

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