@cari I have other stories to attend to, Eilas has suffered enough :anime_mistake:

@diathornnn i look forward to the new content, make one with a happy ending pls :blobcry:

@diathornnn With that ending, that's a perfect example of why you should give positive reinforcement to your loli! As her boss, ya gotta build her up, give her a pat on the head after the BJ, ya know?

@diathornnn OMG Look at these at distance, I thought they're 3D rendered. Your shading and value is super good!! 😭 πŸ‘ ✨ ✨

@diathornnn Woah!! That's a really cool way to do the background!!
Did you screenshot the background and paint characters over it?

@tostantan yeah something like this. First , sent the .blend file to client because i couldnt understand what angle he wanted. Thats why I made this maquette in the first place haha

@diathornnn Oh lol That's a neat idea!! Sometime describing with words isn't enough XD

@diathornnn Your art is so beautiful!!! :D I hope you make a ton of money!

@diathornnn Dude, your shading is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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