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[Visual Novel Teaser] When Max moves with his parents to a hick town in far north Alaska, he finds himself isolated and cut off from the rest of the world in this dull and cold place. In the schoolโ€™s book club, a small recluse Max has found for himself, he meets his counseling teacher for the first time - Mrs. Smith. Talking with her about his interest in all things occult he is lead to discover her cruel, pain filled succubi nature.

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I'm told the cuts on her tummy read "mushi", bug in japanese. This was based on a sketch that a friend of mine drew.


โ€œBrush you have like 4589463549834 OCโ€™s I canโ€™t keep track ;-;โ€

HHHHHHHH have you seen my new son? :โ€> โœจ

#shota #ใ‚ทใƒงใ‚ฟ

My twin Mousefolk! Sophie and Sarah. C:
I love them so much, but this is the only drawing I've managed to do with them since creating them T^T
They are part of the same DND world as Ninazu, my Mothfolk, but not in the same area/main story.
I hope to make a small comic about their adventures before meeting up with the Main group.

Karate training - pokemon parody-
Last commission i made, finally releasing it to the public.

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