Why am I interested in ripping the videos of Mahotama? Because this game is the first loli material I ever consumed, the game came out in 2006, 16 years old and it still looks great for a visual novel ... too bad for the censorship.

Also, Chisa is cute :3

In theory I need to download the game ... yes, it is a game, there are the videos, but those videos have dialogue, while the gifs that I found do not, I imagine that someone at one point had the ripped videos of the game and converted them into Gifs

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I want Mahotama's videos ... NO, I don't want those gifs, I want the videos, if someone has the links or someone can tell me where I can get it, I'd really appreciate it!

To the person who uploaded my drawings to Sankaku ... thank you

How shit Rule34 has to be to have this, I understand what Rule34 means itself but come on, this is stupid


Like in Pixiv this account will be inactive for a long time, while my two alternate accounts will be a little more active

I must warn that both accounts are not for everyone and contain more graphic material and unpleasant for many

DevilRush Pain [Ryona, Rape, Torture, blood, etc, NO GORE OR DEATH OR WEIRD FETISHES]


DevilRush Beyond [Toddlercon, Babycon]

Support my work!

I am retarded, buy me a Coffee has the option to set the price you want, now you can make donations of one dollar.


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