@devilrush @speedy05 Such a big toy for such small girls on the bottom left. 😀

@devilrush @speedy05 now we just need a database to put this since the mods at Paheal are apparently nuking even solo shots of Lili now. I wouldn't even consider her younger sister Lola a toddler TBH they don't toddle when they walk it's just chibi artstyle

@speedy05 yeah I guess that's a good a place as any for a "NotPaheal" movement. I just wish they'd give us some forewarning for particular chars like a 1-month or even 1-week grace period to back them up before the nuking.

Wish I could get a better hang of how to use baraaq, feel elderly getting overwhelmed by these new platforms.

Guess I'd better go save Sandy from Croods next. Boss Baby?

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