Returning from doing some things and I check my list of followers in pixiv and find this ... why?



ยท Moa ยท 4 ยท 0 ยท 12

@devilrush Is this just out of legal concern or do you have a genuine qualm with minors seeing your content?

@degenephilia I don't want minors to see my content, or at least if you're a minor, lie.

But, I can't help this, how many minors do you think will follow me? I do not know.

And yes, it would also be a legal matter, but as I said, you cannot avoid this.

At least some are sincere in showing their age ... bad for them.

@devilrush @degenephilia i remember being in porn forums and into shota/loli since i was 13, so i don't see the problem, at least some of them keep the anonymity!

@devilrush Even when I was around this age you can't stop them but it is indeed very dangerous. Be careful DR.

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