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πŸ“‚Dropbox Folder! (Temporary)πŸ“‚

I am very sorry for this, yes, I had noticed that my mega account was banned, and I cannot recover it, for while those who missed this, you can download my drawings in dropbox, while I think about where to upload my drawings.

Support my work if you like it!

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Something unimportant, I am saving for a new Ipad, but this time it is the PRO version with the pencil of course, my friends have one and I do not want to be left behind, I felt how the power traveled in these virgin hands ... beautiful.

In short I will try to be as active although a little quiet, I am still making drawings. :boonchuy_ahegao:

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Luo Bao Bei #1

Starting a new name, but the concept is the same, drawing lolis :loli:

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still loove the fic this was inspired off of, super hot shit πŸ”₯

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dont mind, just posting art i had on twt,

here's to the one that started it all,,

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03: Twintails

You know Reggie would listen to fuggin Vocaloid πŸ˜‚
So here she is with her Endless costume modified to look like Miku Append

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Keep this in mind, every community is toxic. One thing is Acceptance and another is imposing.

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dude, what the shit with Blizzard?

I mean, fuck the crunch, but the thing with blizzard is just, nasty.

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Oh yes, I bought this pixel art for the amount of *Right Click and Save As*

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I have decided to move from imgur to

Example (Repost):

And here is a good opportunity to see what suggestions you can give!

- Characters must be Smol characters (pic related)
- Anime, cartoons, comics, etc.
- keep it sfw pls.

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And how to forget Ratcatcher 2.

The constant mood, the heart of the team, I loved her so much, I thought that she would be the character that would not contribute anything, but it is she who ends up saving the day.

She sees hope in people, if she sees love in a rat, the same in a person or shark, even James Gunn himself admitted that it was impossible to kill Ratcacher 2, yes, that's right, she was about to die.

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I never thought the day would come when I would say this:

But John Cena performed quite well in Suicide Squad.

I love a peacemaker, it's not like that Captain America parody, he is the true feeling of American freedom, James Gunn knew how to use John Cena well, you realize that he is not a bad actor, just put him with a competent Director and he will do the rest.

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The violence and the gore both in the cinema are taken as a resource that can amuse us, surprise us, or disgust us (Choose the one you want) but still we love it.

But something I always love is that the same violence that we enjoy plays against us, when the characters that you loved, that you struck up a bond, just die, and the suicide squad is not afraid to be cruel.

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At first I was going with low expectations with the Suicide Squad, but I decided to give Gunn a chance because of how Nerd he is, and well, it's like a friend said, give James Gunn creative freedom and he goes nuts.

But what catches the most are the characters, the situations don't feel forced, you empathize with them a lot, they have a good development, fuck, even Starro: I was happy floating, staring at the stars. Damn that line was just, CHILLS.

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This account will stop being unusable after a while, since I have decided to make important changes, sorry if I have been silent, I will give details of my future projects, in addition to giving other important details not so important.

and one of them is the change of names, now it is Mr. Diablo (Diablito for friends)

Also my drawings in Pixiv will be deleted, (do not worry I will put a folder in dropbox with my drawings as legacy)

For now that's all

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