Oct'19 Sketched, March'20 Finished.
Maybe an even odler sketch? I sincerly don't remember.

Forgot to post this one. It's an earlier piece to the latest persona 5 AU pic series bscommissions ( twitter.com/bscommissions ) is doing.

Read My life with Fel! tapas.io/series/MylifewithFel

Commission: Girl

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Valentina and Riendeer
DRAW REQUEST Valentina and a Reindeer

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Christmas wife 2020- and a merry Christmas to you too! c:

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インプ 動けん様にして 丸洗い 特に足の付け根が 臭いので

HERE, my first post for the people who likes more spicy stuff
and of course knows the difference between fiction and reality.. it's even sad i have to say it

R-18 久々のウマカーン♥ 

ソニア博士の研究レポート♥ | ボリス #pixiv pixiv.net/artworks/86594170  カンムリ雪原で後輩ちゃんが手に入れたポ○モンの研究中、体液サンプルを採取しているうちに立派な肉棒に魅せられ、フィールドワークの一環と称して、自ら牝馬役になって交尾相手をつとめちゃうソニアさん♥

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