Spoils of Victory Page 12 is released! Something tells us the twin schoolgirls are gonna want plenty more of that "white stuff!"

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@degencomics AAAAAA, amazing page! You have no idea how great you’re doing, tysm!

@Bubblegum Thank you so much! There's still much more to cum, hehe.

@degencomics Uh oh. They're gonna be the biggest cock sucking loli sluts in town

@degencomics that guy is gonna get sucked dry if they keep this up. Can’t wait to see where this goes😍

@degencomics Well, this supports the theory that humans in the world of pokemon are malnourished and only survive off sugar.

Hard to find good sources or protein when everything from fish to plants to tell you their name in English.

*checks notes*

There's also a Miltank joke in here, but there's still plenty of PP to fire off that Cum Pump so I'll save it.

@degencomics aaaah his little uncut pp is sooo cutee 😍😍😍😍 <3 <3 <3

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