Spoils of Victory Page 11 is released! The twin schoolgirls perform handjob on the schoolboy! It's super effective!

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@degencomics He really should have seen that coming, given their very clearly curious and competitive personalities. That said, it's not like he has a reason to be unhappy about this. xD

Another great page, but that is hardly surprising at this point.

@degencomics oh my LORD that boy spurted! At this rate they’ll be coated head to toe! ....I hope....!

@degencomics I am now tempted to go back and do a Pokemon battle style play by play of the events. But first I must wait and see if you guys will take the high road on the "Schoolboy used Pound." joke.

@degencomics this is really good. Girls are happy, the shota's dick is small and cums a lot, all around incredible.

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