Spoils of Victory Page 9 is released! Looks like the schoolboy has something else up his sleeve, and in his pants!

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@degencomics yes! His dick isnt massive but decently sized. This keeps getting better

@degencomics Bless you for not giving him a cock the size of the world trade center.

@degencomics Oh, it seems he's flying by the seat of his (now removed) pants. Now I'm really intrigued! Wonder if they'll catch on.

@degencomics i truly do take my hats off to ya, you’re amazing

@degencomics And another great page. Like others, I have to say I'm quite happy with the size of his dick, and also that it's uncut. Shotas should probably have slightly bigger than realistic dicks if they are to use them, but not as big as a lot of artists make them. Though I'm not surprised Highware isn't one of those, I mean, I've been a fan of his stuff from the moment I saw it. :P
The writing in this comic is pretty stellar, too, which I think adds to the experience.

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