Spoils of Victory Page 8 is released, and it's a full "spread!" 😉 The schoolboy is putting that Rotom phone to good use!

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@degencomics It is indeed a nice view. I'm glad they're now barefoot. After I saw the previous page, I was afraid they'd keep their socks and shoes on. Lovely feet, btw. :)

@zeikcied @Highware draws excellent loli feet! We couldn't help but show it off!

@degencomics Oh god the internet has ruined my brain. Every time I see the title, the second my eye's land on the "o" my brain screams SPOILERS.

My psychosis aside, good work all around. If I were less tired I'd entertain you with a joke about FBI agents jumping out of the tall grass to challenge the smug little degenerate to a POkemon battle for his freedom, but alas, not enough brain cells left.

@degencomics why not savor the view n take a photo? Lol
Love this page a’plenty!

@degencomics Oh, I've already stored those pics as well 🤑

Say, do you guys intend on uploading the comic on Nhentai or any other website like that once it's all released?

@LewdLhama I believe someone on exhentai is already uploading the pages, but perhaps we will, yes!

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