Spoils of Victory Page 7 is released! The schoolboy is a true degenerate! We are shocked, shocked! Well, not that shocked...

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@degencomics Given that one of my favorite artists is drawing this, I am not surprised they look so cute, but still, this is very good.

@degencomics Seeing a naked girl with all her clothes on the ground is one of my fave aesthetics. Bravo!

@degencomics I honestly made this account just for this pic. This is my first time ever on this site and I cannot express how much I am in love with your work. Exhibitionism is one of my all time favorite kinks, and it makes me sad that this series will one day end, I really hope it ends with them having to walk back home naked. But no matter what, I can’t wait for more.

TL:DR you are so good!

@UrAGoodArtistAndASexyPerson Thanks so much for the praise! This comic has been a lot of fun to work on! @Highware is the artist for the comic, and I do the writing and planning. There are still plenty more sexy pages of this comic to go!

@degencomics @Highware thank you for helping me find the artist! If there is honestly anyone else involved, be sure to tell them how awesome I think they are for helping make this gold!

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