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Follow @deadboltcomics for future spicy comics I may make. I'll feature everything from ongoing series to one-offs.

Of course they will be labeled appropriately. 😊

Trick or... Treat? [The Last of Us]

Just a quick idea I had. I almost couldn't find the plastic pumpkin bucket. Also Ellie in a Heather Mason costume is so adorable, especially with the hairstyle.

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I'm curious. Anyone know a modeler that has the means to make them for source filmmaker and is ok with making shota models? I'd be willing to commission. It'd be nice to have an original shota character with actual bodygrouped clothes.

Working on a shota set. It involves my Goth Heather concept. Again, if you're not familiar, check out my piczel as it's in its own category. It'll be an extension to a pinup set I did with her. Preview of some of that I'll post here. I encourage you to check out the rest.

The full pinup set can be found here:

Guitar Practice [Crossover]

Safe for Work. I just had this idea and thought it was cute. I gave Goth Heather a sister, lol. I may indeed do more with them, we'll see.

If anyone is not familiar with Goth Heather, check out my Main content on piczel:

"Will You Take Me Home With You?"
[The Last of Us]

Experimented with SFMCraft's "Young Ellie" model by putting this blonde hair on her. Just made her look so damn cute and pretty I just threw this together real quick. Something about the grungy clothes makes it even better, too.

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