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so yeah, i crafted two versions of my OC: my shota self and my AU self. one is a bit shy while the other just doesnt give a shit about anything.

feel free to lewd em up, artists.

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OC, nsfw 

( art by @0027Woo )

there are times when i just want someone to lay in my bed with me tbh... hell, id even let someone suck me off if i was laying like this.

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100+ Followers, already?

Thank you all so much! :D

How about a quick raffle to celebrate!


- Must be a follower
(New Followers are totally okay)
- Reply with your OC's Ref
Sheet/Drawing of said OC
- You can include a short idea if
you would like

The winner will be chosen at random

Ends: 11/30/2020

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tried the Genshin Impact OC thing @autumn_snow did for their OC... this was what i came up with for my OC:

Rarity - โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…
Gender - He/Him
Element - Geo (Earth)
Weapon - Polearm
Focus - Hybrid (Support/Healer)
Home Region - Snezhnaya (Russia-like)

might wanna smash tbh

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Just a reminder: Only one day left for entries for the OC art raffle I'm having! If you wanna join and be considered in the raffle, just Follow me, Favorite and Boost the post, and post a reference of your OC in the comments! Be sure to do all four to be considered, make sure to double check for those who have posted their OC, or you may not be considered!

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Hey all! I've decided to hold an OC art raffle as thanks for 1k follows on twitter and 400+ here and on Pixiv! I'll draw your OC in SFW OR NSFW style ;3 Two winners for this raffle, you can participate here and/or on twitter for two chances to win, but only one different winner each site! Just favorite and boost with a reference of your OC in the comments to participate. The winners will be drawn Sunday Nov. 15! Be sure to read the details :)

lewd thought 

really want an art raffle to take place here, would so take part in that to see my OC boi Maiku get lewded... uwu

wish there were art raffles here, feel more comfortable trying to win one of them here than on birdsite tbh... :/

also, ugh... i got Ori on my mind now... feel like wanting to ship Ori and Maiku now

its only a few minutes away... but happy cake day to me. PLS give me all the Maiku art, it would make me happy to see him

cake day is in five days from now... i hope i see some Maiku art from someone as a present to me, my vault is running dry and i need more of him. ive already dropped some ideas over the past few months, hoping something will come out of them

lewd thought spanning from a doujin i just read 

if there is any way i could see Maiku being teased by tentacles like in this doujin, i would nut to the moon. hell, make it a cake day present on my end, if u want. :P

hope someone will be able to bring my boi Maiku to life this ... i suck at art tho, i probably would not be able to do it myself

imma be 28 soon... im hoping i get some Maiku art as a birthday present by the time the 17th rolls around

lewd thought 

in a month and five days i really need to be surprised with some Maiku art. i want that boi to play with at least everyone, but he is my OC, so i always get first dibs :blobowo:

for context: the ghost boi is the one with the mask and the hoodie-wearing boi is my trainer boi

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i seriously want my trainer boi and ghost boi making out... with Gengar and the bun watching them :3

this came from the new Twilight Wings episode btw

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WHAT THE FUCK, WHY IS ONION IS SO ADORABLE... ship him with my trainer ASAP ๐Ÿ˜

so yeah, i crafted two versions of my OC: my shota self and my AU self. one is a bit shy while the other just doesnt give a shit about anything.

feel free to lewd em up, artists.

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