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feel like i want to change my avi on birdsite to the art @pd_goat made for me last week, but with the lewd bits cropped out. should i do it?

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OC, nsfw 

( art by @0027Woo )

there are times when i just want someone to lay in my bed with me tbh... hell, id even let someone suck me off if i was laying like this.

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random thought 

honestly hoping someone can make my PSO2 MMO character appear lewd... hell, let him dick down my Oni character if u want.

(PSO2 screenshot from me on left, art of my Oni character and my OC from @0027Woo on right)

lewd birdsite text 

damn @0027Woo be RTing his arts on birdsite... ur giving me a boner there uwu

lewd quarantine 

being locked indoors makes me wonder if i could go to my OCs world and make out with him. i hope itll be worth the hassle, since real Earth is a hell hole as it is


lineart by @mizukage, color done by Sparrow#3891 from Discord

:blobheart: i ship my trainer and his bun as much as i ship my trainer with the ghost boi Allister. threeway possible~?

rant a bit 

kinda fucked that the UN wants to axe all shota content from the web. fucking boomer mindset, thats what they all have. why cant they let us enjoy things? its bullshit


(art by @mizukage)

this is what i dream of at night: my trainer OC and his Cinderace. soon Allister will be sucking my trainer OC off :3

lewd ship thought 

i seriously want my trainer OC or my OC Maiku to give Allister some love... uwu

lewd thought 

i still hope for some MikexAllister or MaikuxAllister art. i love that ghost boi and i ship him with my trainer and OC a ton...

Maiku dump 

and heres some more Maiku, giving his friend Andre the succ.

(art by ssjAndre)

Maiku dump 

since shotachan is gone i might as well drop the art i have of my OC here.

heres one of him getting spit-roasted by Caden and his mate Riley (art by the owner of the character Riley, whom i forgot the name of)


welp, Shotachan closed down. there goes every piece of art i ever shared over there... fuck

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An attempt to try and learn how to comic panel. Didn't turn out too bad, anatomy could be better but live and learn!

lewd ship thought 

tbh ive always had a dream of having my OC Maiku and my trainer character both dicking down that ghost boi Allister.

is it wrong to think that sounds hot but in art form?

lewd Poke thought 

ugh, i really need my OC or my trainer OC to dicc that ghost boi Allister down... i ship them to oblivion

so yeah... heres my Trainer from Shield. hes got a Cinderace along with Golisopod and Pikachu, so do with that what u will. also Allister is best boi my Trainer would dicc him so good


just saw @0027Woo -kun's dick on birdsite... why u gotta tease me like that? :blobeyes:

lewd thought 

i honestly wish my boi Maiku had a lewd doujin of his own at some point... would probably read it for ages

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changed my avi on birdsite... but now TweetDeck over there shit the bed. like what the fuck

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