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and now a lofi Maiku. it was made in the Lofi Girl avatar creator and he do be studying

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its a character sheet of Maiku for those curious enough about it, drawn by @CulturedLunatic

it will be pinned for future reference now.

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random lewd toot moment 

tbh ive always wanted my boi Maiku to be surrounded by all the game and anime characters i fell in love with... and it might be a long list in case it turns into an orgy.

Maiku needs to be bathed in jizz by:
-Dust (Dust:AET)
-my custom Onigiri character
-my custom PSO2 character
-a cyan-colored inkling boi

also Maiku needs a jizz coating by these anime characters:
-Yukihira Souma (Food Wars)
-Regu (Made in Abyss)
-Kota (MHA)
-Naota (FLCL OVA)

this was long. :blobeyes:

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kinks reminder 

btw my OC Maiku enjoys getting peed on as well as himself taking a whiz, his navel is sensitive as hell and its very ticklish... so thats about it.

also he loves making out with clones of himself.

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so yeah, i crafted two versions of my OC: my shota self and my AU self. one is a bit shy while the other just doesnt give a shit about anything.

feel free to lewd em up, artists.

if anyone animates my boi Maiku in any way, shape or form, i might have to either suck them off or give them a kiss... whichever comes first :blobpeek:

forgot to mention Maiku loves making out with duplicates of himself... i think.

yea, my boi Maiku is HEAVILY into selfcest

i will draw you 1 art piece, kink friendly ....
You must follow me, retoot and like this!
winner selected using a random selector.
I will discuss terms with the winner!
Ends on Feb 14th !!! πŸ’•πŸ’•

if i see anyone making Regu art imma imagine my boi Maiku near the robo boi... probably poking him in the back with his finger :P

We need your support!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far! Mom is doing better but far from back to good. I need help with supporting while i give her 24 hr care and take her to doctor appointments.

Anton Ego, aka @dbzwii09 didn't like my work enough, now i cooked the shiny version , try not to like it now i dare you :blobrainbow: !
2 versions ,cum/no-cum.
Btw i gotta agree MiA style looks great on Maiku.

hoping one day i will be able to see a Maiku and Regu pic that just screams "THESE TWO ARE SO DAMN ADORABLE... U3U" and is completely wholesome

@dbzwii09 OC Maiku x Regu.
i hope you like this work , i also drew Maiku in Made in abbys style , i'd say this turned out to be pretty cute ❀️ :blobrainbow:


...yep, already feeling horny for some reason

Maikus up... he probably had morning wood... but not me, i woke up soft :P

havent heard from an old friend in some time... hoping @CN34 is doing okay, hope hes dreaming of my boi Maiku.

pervy Maiku alert 

what would happen if my boi Maiku was peeping in on a locker room that had Naegi Makoto and Fujisaki Chihiro in it...? would he be jerking off to both of them just outside the locker rooms or would he be in on it?

I'll be announcing the winner of the raffle later at night! <3 stay tuned

me and my boi Maiku are awake... he a bit groggier than me but thats ok.

dont know what to do today so... imma just leave Maiku out here for anyone to toy with him. have fun

Hi guys! thanks a lot for taking the time to read the problems of this silly boy ~

Here is the link to my ko-fi, in case you wish to help me in this dire times :)

Also my pixiv and my new twitter!

also i really feel stupid for something i did in Danganronpa... ugh...

AGH i saw Rikos handbook and it had an image of Regus peen... UGH, now i REALLY want Regu to met Maiku

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