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and now a lofi Maiku. it was made in the Lofi Girl avatar creator and he do be studying

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its a character sheet of Maiku for those curious enough about it, drawn by @CulturedLunatic

it will be pinned for future reference now.

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random lewd toot moment 

tbh ive always wanted my boi Maiku to be surrounded by all the game and anime characters i fell in love with... and it might be a long list in case it turns into an orgy.

Maiku needs to be bathed in jizz by:
-Dust (Dust:AET)
-my custom Onigiri character
-my custom PSO2 character
-a cyan-colored inkling boi

also Maiku needs a jizz coating by these anime characters:
-Yukihira Souma (Food Wars)
-Regu (Made in Abyss)
-Kota (MHA)
-Naota (FLCL OVA)

this was long. :blobeyes:

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kinks reminder 

btw my OC Maiku enjoys getting peed on as well as himself taking a whiz, his navel is sensitive as hell and its very ticklish... so thats about it.

also he loves making out with clones of himself.

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so yeah, i crafted two versions of my OC: my shota self and my AU self. one is a bit shy while the other just doesnt give a shit about anything.

feel free to lewd em up, artists.

Does anyone want a commission? :blobcatsadreach: help a hungry fella out

I will never support censorship laws.

If you are in Japan, my artwork will not be viewable to you on Hiccears, please bypass with a VPN.

Sorry to the sleepers who still think censorship of any kind is acceptable. It is not.

my friend vee (aka ang) is going through some really rough times, so exceptionally, i'm doing commission doodles.
donate to them here:

...yep, one more month remains... until i leave my 20s for my 30s

Commission info


-Payment upfront once a sketch is approved (PayPal Only)
-Make all changes and requests during sketch phase pls
-I reserve the right to post the image I created, and you can post it if you like. #commission #shota #shotacon #gay #boys

i doubt my trainer boi would even get the chance to meet Grusha... after smashing ghost boi Onion over and over

if anyone turns my boi Maiku into an Argonian i might lose my mind

question: if my boi Maiku had a womb tattoo what would it be?

Saw a cute inkling OC Maiku, @dbzwii09
🦑 I want mess around with this cutie. Maiku has some sensitive spots and I'll definitely exploit them. Plus a little toy I brought with me :blobowoevil:

If you have donated at least 10 dollars to AO3 then you get a say in their election for new board members, please do NOT vote for Tiffany G if you enjoy my stuff, as she's attempting to rework the ToS to ban "pedophilic" content and potentially more due to the fact it allegedly got AO3 banned in her country (use a dang VPN, Tiff!)

If you haven't donated to AO3 but still want to help, please boost this and share it around.

You can read more here :

idk what my boi Maiku would do if he met Guilty Gear's Bridget... would he befriend her or dom her...?

FIVE weeks remain of my 20s... im now getting super nervous

Im gonna be honest im rly struggling lately. Had another attempt and i hurt myself. I realise i need help but i cant get it bc of circumstances i got stuck in. So im taking commissions to help me get into therapy again and try to get a new job. Thank you everyone for your support!

Commission info:

i wish someone made a plushie of my boi Maiku... and sent him my way...

if a tentacle boi manifested itself near my boi Maiku, u already know what would happen... :blobpeek:

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