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I figured I didn't upload my commission information here yet, so, here is it. for getting one is pretty easy, just head to this link for more info about this:


I swear every time I visit this instance I always end up following more and more artists XD

Commission for, their OC Maeryn.

A series of three pictures commissioned by (@manbanras), featuring his adventurer character Gwendolyn

And Quick Update!
I'll be short. I have a new schedule change with my daytime job, so I'll move gym to afternoons. This won't affect commission work, but the schedule I used to have for it, yes.
I wish they would make up their minds... >:(

Oh well...

Boy oh boy, have @darkshadow777 and I got a surprise for those folks that love and . DS has been up to some WONDERFUL work with my girls and I can't wait to show it off!

Well, schedule is hectic today, and gym will open in teh afternoon, so, that means I will be on my way to it... Seems there is a chance I'll have to be there on noon Tuesdays from now on.

Well, time to get going! :V

I don't know if I should feel sorry or just say congrats to him... :V

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Whoah... what a downtime! No Internet, no 4G...
What just happened? O_O

Quick Update & Stream Slots
My schedule is remaining pretty much the same. But I'm closer to finishing my pending commissions. Sorry I'm taking long, but one of them is a large (and very sweet and cute) project. ^^

Ahh! This will work as a small reminder tho, if you are interested in a fridaysketch commission slot for May, it's your chance to get one, just leave a comment, and the first two get the remaining slots for that month, I will confirm dates via PM/Note/DM. Reservation has

A WIP of some personal art I'm working on. I'm now adding in my personal harem of waifus, she's just too cute, and badass! Ninjas always make it good in an harem! :V

What did you expect? You gift him a thong, he's modeling for you... profit? :V

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A really enjoyable commission I did, featuring this awesome warrior elf OC, Giovanna, and my Ilyse, enjoying some beach time :V. Giovanna is planned, with permission, to be included in Livantia, the story I'm currently making.

I have a little story behind this, if you wanna read it, check it here:

Fridaysketch Commission for ElCapitanPineapple
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...Anyway, with Kimberly, Trina learned how to be and lay with a female. Also she learned how to be a tease and attract attention.

Good info for her instincts, which would then use this in the future for the usual Necuratul survival.

So in short... this explains why she's not kissy with males, why she enjoys teasing and bondage, added to her already extrovert and cheerful personality.

And I shut up... :V

When she was having a relation with her coach, she also began a fun and free relation with Kimberly (17yro), which started only by a mere joke about kisses.

Besides romantic interests, Trina only kisses females, she believes that a male partner to kiss is the one to be with you, by your side, your mate for life, the one that will have your soul from a kiss. In the case of females, it's a bit different, because for her, females are a soft side, and being tender and kissy is just part of it...

...So yes, he was her first love, and the reason why she started not kissing anyone but the persons she falls in love with, which can be very rare.

Fatherly and in general strong and self-confident persons are the types that can make her admire them, and with some luck and time, gain her heart. Persons she can trust.

And this man, was one of them.

At the same time, she also learned to balance her preferences, Necuratuls by nature are bisexual, and Trina was no exception...

...While he started softly with her, Trina quickly showed an interest in his kinks, to which he gladly obliged, introducing her in the complex world of doms and subs, bondage and kinky games.

This was her first contact to one of the things she enjoys, whether having sex or not. (but mainly with the first included)

Who would ever know a girl like that would let herself to be taught in so many things? I will not forget to say that this man, was his first romantic interest...

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