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I figured I didn't upload my commission information here yet, so, here is it. for getting one is pretty easy, just head to this link for more info about this:


I think I will enter the Nessa / Rurina badwagon.
Probably there will be a bonus if I manage to color this XD

Man... R63 is so much fun! We are getting 4 pussies for the price of 2! :V

Commission for chakatbombshell


Just as a heads up, this week I will be done with all my commissions, after that, I will take a 2 week break from commissions before getting onto my next list. I'll be contacting people next week that already are on it to confirm they want a commission. No answer within 3 days means you are not interested anymore and I clear you from the list.

Thanks a bunch in advance!


Well... yeah, he's on top! Ok, he's behind... whatever! Features my waifu, I'm happy :V
Fridaysketch Commission for RockinRizon

Trina's Word of Advice #4

"Dildos need lube... bigger dildos need more lube!~"

Just because...
I think I will lift my ban over MLP stuff... after thinking too much, seems reasonable.
In exchange, I'll add to my dont do's list anything SU related, I think that thing is pretty much dead now, but one never knows so...

That's it ^^

My OC Slim needs a loli GF! But I have no idea what species. He's a unicorn from MLP. I thank @0r0ch1 for this, he's done a bang up job with 0r0 and Coco.

So vote! If you choose "other" leave a suggestion! I have my characters in my media tab and pinned.

I don't think she can, or want to get herself free from that grab :V

FridaySketch Commission for Mazen234

so there's a fucking DPI interceptor script that just lets me yeet on shitter ISP blocking sites
that's neat
no need to use proxies anymore

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