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My new price sheets for 2020 is ready to be shown, so you can see what options you can choose from to get some art from me. Take a little read, make your choice and I will be more than glad to work for you! ^_^.

There are two charts available for the two main modalities of commissions I currently offer, click on them to see them bigger!

Read the complete information and rules regarding commissions here:

Thank you!

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Do you you remember this?
@slimshod, and I agreed on this being a good idea after some chat!

So, I'm holding an special !

and are eager to play with you... are you willing to play with them? They would love if you do...~

You may have your way for only $40 USD! (Full color w/ BG are normally $70+/-)

-Full Color
-No wings
-Anthros & Humanoids
-Can alter size (debatable)
-Can add small details or extras. (debatable)

Drop me a PM if you are interested!

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Meet the elven twins, Ailen & Alais! Little, a bit mischievous, but full of fun and surprises. These two like to wander around and get money from careless travelers. Are you having the fortune to meet them? Read more about them in my newly fresh F-List account. This is an exclusive for here and my Pixiv as well.

This week I couldn't have anything ready for , but instead of not doing nothing, let's appreciate how sexy elves look in fishnets!
Next week I will do something I promise! ;_;

Cum Love by

Rosemarie savors it all as she opens wide to catch every last drop. The gooey liquid spurting into her mouth send a warm tingle down her spine and into her nethers. Her stomach flutters with butterflies, soon to be replaced with her cummy treat.

Needed to get something nice and simple from a wonderful loli artist, Nauth.

I ignore if Marcella just lost, or did it on purpose, but one thing is sure, both look like enjoying themselves :V

This has a story, courtesy of Max:

Commission for

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