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I figured I didn't upload my commission information here yet, so, here is it. for getting one is pretty easy, just head to this link for more info about this:


Well, this 13th was the birthday of my dearest friend, and as usual, I thought in doing something sexy for him. This time, Tabitha and Satashi were my choices along with my silver kitsune, Ginko. ^^

This has a small story behind this scene, which you can read on my blog
Read the whole story here:

Happy Birthday Evil-Rick!

Stream ended for today, thank you for coming and I see you all next Friday!

Hey hey! Ready for another sexy Friday! Come join me as I draw nice looking babes and goodies!

Starting at 4PM CDT

Yes, very late for Summer, but here is it anyway. My very personal and selcted waifu harem enjoying a day out on the beach. ^^

Just in case you don't know some of them (I'm assuming you at least know Krystal or Shampoo... ¬¬), from left to right:

(), (), (), (), (/2) and ()

I just love them too much! X3

One Piece milks people with so much episoides that was fair to milk their precious girls in exchange :V

Commission for BLADEDGE ( )

If you happen to have twitter account, be warned, there is a band of trolls that are falsely DMCAing NSFW artists for diverse reasons, the main and most likely, for any nintendo fanart. Take in mind Nintendo NEVER DMCA's fanart, this are FALSE DMCA's.

Spread the word, DMCA's from Nintendo are not real, just trolls fucking against the NSFW community. Also, keep an eye over any DMCA in any other network (Patreon had some cases too), as well as here. @curator I tag you just in case

Since I had 5 minutes of peace, I thought on doing something to get back to the creative mood.

So... here is Veggie, being himself, with a suit Bulma did for him (Yes, new one) and... well...
Trina does admire him... >_<;

Well, heroes deserve some fun after a day of working hard, no? :V
T-Bone and Razor really deserve some of it... ;)

Fridaysketch Commission for ChackatBombshell


This is a quick heads up... many have noticed I've been away for days and days, except for the essential stuff... Long story short, things in life complicated a bit so, that's why I haven't been so active on Discord, but I'm going to sort things out.

However, I want to say I love you all, you are awesome, all of you, and I will never stop to say so!

Second, I will have announcements for next year and the remainins of 2019, stay tunned!


I really enjoyed designing this big bad dude... pretty convenient for Halloween, huh?

Fridaysketch Commission for Sobana

Stream over, thanks a bunch for your support! I love you all!

Hey hey! Ready for another sexy Friday! Come join me as I draw nice looking babes and goodies!

Starting at 4PM CDT

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