A character design commission for our dear friend @DeerBenny on twitter.

Hope you like him!

/Shota/Nonsexual Nudity/

A silly little arcade-style animation of an old さるの行丸 piece for you. (Part 1?)

Shinpocalypse: Is it an adorable little crab popping out of his pants?

Mochi: Maaaaybe :D

Shinpocalypse : owo


Mochi: Wait a second... I don't remember this scene in the game!
Curry: What is going on with pokemon stuff lately?!
Mochi: ...

Mochi: Koa and Ling naked!
Everyone: We already saw that!
Curry: Without the censorship!


Koa and Ling sure do know how to have fun! We predict grilled fish for dinner! Commission done! Enjoy!


Oh no Domu is at it again, poor Garth he never stood a chance RIP booty
Garth belongs to @furfitart

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