I think it's a lil bit strange wishing someone Happy birthday by releasing tentacles to screw him in the ass but I really wish you Happy birthday @curryxmochi

commission of a couple slutty Lalafells getting ready for a fun day of adventuring!

my boy Riri is on the left, and on the right is @curryxmochi

⚠️ The artist asked not to be credited. I will not be giving their name out
#shota #ショタ #lalafell #ffxiv

Soba: 「’sup losers?」

(totally not sunburnt)

| shota |

Hello! I'm opening commissions as my laptop continues to sound like a failing car ignition :blobsad:

If you are interested please DM me! I may only accept as many as I can handle but I would very much appreciate the support! (not pictured but I also draw X3)

Finally finished! Zaroc is dealing with the summer heat in his own cute demon way! By being nood!

/ shota /

Seems like Mochi is spending his birthday back in the naughty boys lineup. Curry and Soba aren’t too worried though!

Memecriminals in predicaments! Mochi, you really need a cold one

Merry Christmas!
Curry and Mochi have been watching old Christmas movies too much... Guess which scenes they loved?


カレー ✖️もち✖️そば
Memecriminals Extra Servings: Growing Boys Need Lots of Food

(and cleaner underwear)

Curry x Mochi x Soba


Who is this mysterious kid pissing Curry off? How is he related to Mochi? 🤔


We love drawing reference sheets! Thanks for letting us draw cool Kai! Commission done :D

/teen shota/

Happy Birthday Curry!

It’s a few days late! But Mochi still did his best!


カレーともちのハロウィン COLORED part 2
赤い鬼 x 青い犬神 (鬼???)

Too much food coloring in candy >_<


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