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Try out the new single column view at!

Uncheck the box for "Enable advanced web interface" :soos:

Commissions are open!

(I was going to wait until I had more artwork to use as examples, but for now this will do.)

Teaser for the Twice Is Nice exclusive picture, available from either Pixiv Fanbox or Patreon, featuring Arrietty from "The Secret World Of Arrietty". Please support me at: or

Posting this here now just in case I don't finish it. I'ts kind of a lot.

Opening up commissions! I'm only taking 5 slots at a time, first come first serve. My pricing info has changed recently- check them out here:

Commission time! Send me your pitches and I'll pick the ones I like the most on Friday (the 19th).

i will learn low poly once and mod my own luke villager

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