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For future reference: It wouldn't be a problem if I did move more content over here, would it?

Left these off of Baraag by accident. Got too busy playing Nier Replicant.

Design tweaks to my Android OC, Insight.

(reposted because I added a sketch of her oldest design by accident.)

202104Noémie A,B (cropped)
Clown girl Noémie performing in front of the public.
Balls drawn into her throat one by one as she pops out from the outlet.
Commission for Soulfur

Pinocchio and lampwick commission!! I had a ton of fun with this one!!

Wolf Girl [オオカミの女の子]

here's the latest commission, consider supporting my drawings at:

i'll be posting wips, also polls and .sai files are available for supportes.

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