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commissions !
please be patient with me im disabled and may take a bit to finish
β€’ paypal/crypto [ ]/na nintendo eshop cards [ ask first ] only
β€’ if interested, DM/email me @ [email protected]
β€’ taken in slots
_____________________ |

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@PrinceFarondis private comms where i dont post completely is an additional +10$.
i dont usually include the commissioner's name in a post unless they explicitly say to do so!

opening comms this time tomorrow /8pm est

I'll prob have to open comms pretty often this month. my cat has a 600-800$ vet appointment soon πŸ˜”

@inu i wish i could stop working completely but i base a lot of my self-worth on how much work i can get done and it just crumbles apart fast. everytime i play a lot of games i worry im not working hard enough and then get worse

not porn, random rambling 

@Tynach all the psychs here just feel extremely dehumanising and always just say to take more meds/sports/sunlight. I cant easily change one now cos of covid. its so tiresome

not porn, random rambling 

@Veklov i was gonna reply earlier but i pussied out. mental health isnt taken very seriously here and its extremely hard to change esp with covid now. I tried to get my psych changed multiple times and most of them are just like oh just go outside more, sunlight, exercise etc will cure ur depression. or like oh heres more meds this will make it more manageable and its just so frustrating. it costs a lot as well so i wish i was getting better care.

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