my patreon has been suspended, if ure interested to see sketches,etc or feeling generous. please head to my website πŸ‘€

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@crybleat Sorry to hear :| Patreon really ruling with that iron fist these days.

@crybleat Use subscribeStar from what I heard it's better then patreon but sorry that happened :(

@LilPumpkin69 im not giving another company control of what i can or can not post. having my own website which i can manage is better for my mental health instead of worrying one day a company will do a 180 on me

@crybleat alright makes sense just was recommending it that is all I'll support your work as best as I can

Hope you do better! And continue all this awesome work you do really love it ^^


@LilPumpkin69 np! I figured id explain myself cos it isnt the first time someone suggested subscribestar. Im just paranoid ww

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