Been knitting myself a new anime-basemesh today. Some constructive criticism would be welcome.

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@crute Honestly, I think your knee and elbow shapes could use a bit more emphasis. Additionally, you probably look into creating curves around certain muscle groups, namely the back shoulders and the buttocks. This lends itself well to more realistic bends and stretches during animation.

@gguy123 It's true that the loops add more definition to the sculpt, but when i put the around things like the deltoid, the shoulders and the sternomastoids, they seem to mess up the deformation in animation.

I assume, I am just plain incompetent when it comes to the skinning. I will toss in a couple of loops and try to make them behave.

@crute Oh, and the pectoral muscles. Add some loops outlining those. You can even make breasts a modifier an good set of pectoral muscles.

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