happy 2022!! a bit late but I hope your 2022 is going great! I'm late coz I found out this was the year of the tiger a few days ago, so I had to draw cutie @anklebone instead of the pic I was working on, and well here it is! hope you like it~ :blobcatmelt:

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@crumbs @anklebone You bastard, this is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to play with her so bad T-T
Tiger hoodie RangYi is the cutest one of them all, happy tiger year!!!

@Ice_Vmp glad you liked it! yeah same I'd def play with her too :blobcatmelt:

you are god of cunny, crumbles! this is so good! Also, thank you for that beautiful foot :blobcatmelt:

@crumbs You draw the most perfect cunnys I've ever seen :blobeyes: πŸ’¦

@crumbs @anklebone oh gezz you draw the most perfect cunnies and feetsies <3 nice job bro

@crumbs @anklebone SUPER cute Rangyi, you captured her best side for sure.
No one draws tight, squeezable asses like you

@YRVY thaanks~~ she looks like the kinda loli who would playfully tease you with her puffy charm :blobcatmelt:

@crumbs still can't believe this!!! wahhh thank you so much crumbles.... i am very luckyyy ;___ ; :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove:

@crumbs @anklebone So adorable and lovely. Happy New Year! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

@crumbs Oh my lord, thats looks SOOO DELICIOUS AND CUTE AND SEXY 😍 how do you draw them lolis and especially rangyi soo perfect, that i wish i could jump right in and have fun~~~

@crumbs @anklebone
Happy 22 back at ya! I hope this year is filled with an overwhelming line of slight lolis by crumbles!

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