day 2

another color sketch, hope you like it!

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@hideki xd yeah I call them that but only to differentiate them from "full renders"

@EnjuAihara ya I usually skip this kinda things but if it's about lewding lolis I'm in :blobowoevil:

@EnjuAihara she's cute too I could draw her for another day, I could have drawn her for today but I already started drawing someone else

@crumbs how long do you usually take to create a piece? if you don't mind telling

@dorodere4u these lolitober pics 2 or 3 hours, I stream the whole process too on pomf, but most of my other stuff takes a couple days, specially if there's alts and stuff

@crumbs Whoa is that Tina Sprout? Looks like she finally get Rentaro's attention~

@YRVY yeah, idk much about her tbh I need to watch the show, she's really cute tho I love blonde lolis :blobheartcat:

@crumbs She's a softspoken QT who competes with other lolis for the MC's affection

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