@crumbs luego de lleg贸 Hu Tao, me hizo olvidar de todas las lolis del genshin xD

@Aragarashi for me Klee is still the cutest but yeah I'm probably gonna draw hu tao pretty soon too :blobcatmelt:

@sergeantcat hmm I'm pretty sure there's some pee mixed in there yup

@crumbs Incredible work! You drew her body amazingly.

@crumbs Your Klee is super cute, she was my first 5 Star. I麓d look forward to see you do Hu Tao

@schnilz thanks! she was also my first 5 star, and def my fav genshin loli :blobcatmelt:

@crumbs So sexy! Klee is a mega cutie. Wish I were that slime so I could taste her delicious juices.

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