been working on a new anim these last couple days and I want to give it that anime look, not perfect yet but I'll get there soon hopefully, here's a little demo of it, fanbox supporters get to see the full version! (to be posted one of these days)

thanks to everyone who's already supporting me, for wanting to help me make more of these uwu/

also, as many of you have asked, I will reopen animation comms soon, will let you guys know when.

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@crumbs Wow amazing animation 😍 I hope Naofuni has warned her that it may take a long time for an illness to heal and that the treatment must be taken regularly πŸ€“

@charlie_prout haha yeah he'll make sure to take some extra measures on her case just to be sure, he may even call for some friend to help
thanks uwu/ :blobcatmelt:

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