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I'm gonna be doing Kipa's lolitober this month! ( )

so I'll be posting one sketch a day for the rest of the month, some times it may be just a line sketch, others a "color sketch", but yeah hope you like them!

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this is the foreplay part of the animation, I'll post the other parts as soon as I finish them!

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day 8 bunny suit

my job is making this harder than I expected u.U

next one will be a combo of shy + kindergarten uniform, hope that way I can catch up a bit easier

hope you like the pic!

day 7 furry

I'm so late xd
made it even worse with this one, decided to start watching made in abyss, and ended up watching the whole thing, very worth it tho, I really loved the show, hope you like the pic!

loved the show so much that I may draw more MiA characters soon

(these are censored for some time, I'll post them uncensored later, for now only on fanbox)

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day 4 u.U

last 2 days I didn't get a chance to draw at all, so now I'm late on these, but I think I could maybe catch up this weekend, either way hope you like the pic!

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