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My patreon was purged! Also Subscribestar turned down my registration. Please move to Fantia or Fanbox, thank you in advance m_ _m

Oversea situations around anime artstyles became very difficult lately, so I will stick to domestic subscription sites.

If you can not join JPN sites, I would like to ask you to use gumroad as an alternative.

Consider joining to my subscription sites, because the number is too low to start polls or any sort of activities! <---Weekly streaming moved to my discord

First is: Sea Salt Ice Cream flavor
Second is: Chocolate with dark fudge filling! Yum!
i wonder which one she likes best 🤔 :blobamused: <---Weekly streaming moved to my discord. <---Triple size & alt are included in May pack($5) cg202005 pswd---HquQIjsiX9
Commissions are also open. <---Triple size & alt are included in May pack($5) cg202005 pswd---HquQIjsiX9

In 21 hours from when this message was posted, baraag will experience downtime for a few hours as we migrate to a new server.

We will be upgrading our storage space, going from 2x 960GB SSD to 2x 2TB SSD drives. The server cost on my end will be going up as a result from $149 to $209 per month, but I should have no issues with current donations and covering the rest out of pocket.

Thank you all for your support.

These are some Brazil cartoons: Hora do Rock, Oswaldo, Sitio Do Picapau Amarelo, Vivi Viravento, Além da lenda, As aventuras da Teca.

Has Brazil surpassed the U.S. in terms of cartoon girl designs?

Thank you for participating in my previous question!
-Too young to be posted elsewhere 43%-
This result is a bit unexpected, especially for my followers to think so XD

Concept for harpyskin suits 🐍

Posted to May folders!

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