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Since several of you have asked, I'll post the answer here. Yes I do take commissions. I dont have a set price. What I do is ask you to tell me what you want and what your budget is and I quote you a price. If you are interested feel free to reach out

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This is from some weird idea for a comic, where Shippo is captured by bandits and basically turned into the camps rent boy. Just a design of his sex slave "outfit". This is something I probably would love to pursue if I had the funding to back it.

also testing out different kind of dick.... not really liking it, gonna go back to the way I did it before for him.

Ok I have received the votes and all ready started on the next image.

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Vote for part 3

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here's part 2
FYI I will be inking and color these when the series is done

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Here's the vote

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for those who saw my previous message, Baraag is a huge mess when it comes to direct messages and posts. That was supposed to be a direct message with someone. sorry for the confusion.

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Uh oh. Yin really need to focus more on getting better friends. Especially after the little mishap she gotten into with 'Miranda' (loli Saranoia)

Art is by @comjuke as a commission.

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"Tentacle Trouble"

Not all of Stewie's experiments go as planned. A creature from the unknown made it's way through the portal Stewie created. Invading Stewie's ass was top priority. This was a commission for @comjuke .

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RAFFLE TIME !!! just answer anything to this comment and give a Boost. I will randomly chose one name to give a art ( sfw or nsfw ) including one character and background. be sure to enter this raffle until 15th january = D

Angelica + Tape + Wieners = EVIL
Random idea from a perverted dino

Commissions are open feel free to ask

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