Here are some notes I've made about drawing "babyfat" on shotas. I found an egg shape to be just the right amount of weight for a shota/loli character to demonstrate healthy weight distribution. If you find this useful let me know!

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@coconutmilk Wow this is excellent actually. And more realistic! Real kids aren't skeletal unless they're extremely unhealthy!

@ludux Glad you like it! And yes, although body shapes for kids can vary (height/genes/weight) it is typical that a well-fed child will have a good amount of bodyfat. I'll have more poses showing different body types found in young shota.

@coconutmilk The egg shape as a definable feature is actually incredibly useful - most 'body shape' tutorials I've seen focus mostly on the pelvis and ribs - but as you point out especially for kids there's a lot more going on. ...and it must be said you also do a great job defining the sense of weight and mass of the lower bits too. There's a lot more going on when things are soft and loose than it seems.

@coconutmilk oh this is really helpful! I sometimes have a difficult time drawing fat in childs because my mom was always fat phobic. So I sometimes think they're too fat or that they might look skeletal. This egg shape sure will help me to draw more natural bodies and will give me more confidence on drawing.

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