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YAY! Finally a new commission sheet!! All commission information available at :blobmeltsoblove: :anidab_right:

I'm still homeless so I'm not able to be active yet, but I try to draw and respond to everyone whenever I can.. :cry_konata:

Sorry for my inactivity.. I had to flee to country and I won't be as active for a while. I normally would never ask something like this, but if you ever contemplated commissioning me, it is now more welcome than ever!

Finished painting! I really want to get better at this artstyle, should I make more paintings in the future??? Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for 600 followerss!! :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove: :blobmeltsoblove: 😭

Year of the tiger WIP! I will be uploading my first "realistic" looking painting tomorroww!!

I got banned on twitter which really sucks as it was my main source of commissions.. ugh :blobupset:

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