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here is the sketch of ruffnut I linked to earlier.

My new doujin, "Papa's Goodnight Kisses.", will soon be up on my new fanbox! Follow to know when!

@Violetty @Octoppoi
the twitter is from AV actress Tsukishima Sakura. She had to cancel her rented apartment because the porn industry had to stop producing and filming due to a new unsolicited ·law· that had been approved without consent of people involved in such activity. The law itself has been created by creepy people and politicians only asked human rights instead of asking professional of the industry what the think or feel.

In one of the MMBN threads, someone replied to that one Stupa13a image, saying (in a few more words, and with much vigor) that they'd want a rear version.

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Kayo Hinazuki from the animated movie Erased, being skewered by dark-skinned gentlemen.

A Pixiv request from an anonymous account. Whoever you are, thanks.

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