I wish people understood us Lolicons better. If we are not attracted to real kids,We're not attracted to real kids. Is that so hard to understand?!

Fr though,When is someone gonna upload my stuff on R34 already?

Been feeling unwell the last couple of days, so not only did I forget to post day 5's piece for , but I might be unable to make more for the time being. Oh well, take this piece with Konata Izumi because she's super cute in her swimsuit.

This isn't your usual NSFW. There was this trend where the modern version of a franchise's anime or cartoon gets redrawn in their classic style. SIGN ME THE HELL UP!

So, Here's Usagi redrawn in the classic style!

Hey,Where is that one animation where a cat was being patted while it was on someone’s lap?

Just today, someone made a model of Penny Crygor's newer design, and I decided to make a more accurate edit. It's not my favorite version of her, but it's the best I got.

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