A young Girl is camping alone in a desert, and then does anyone care about the story? i doubt it

Here are four more rejected/test scenes.They're old but i haven't uploaded anything in a while.

The bow and knife pics were just posing practice.
The bed one was supposed to be a story but i couldn't figure out where i wanted it to go.
And the bathroom dog one was a story that i finished and rendered but scrapped due to a few issues i had with it.

I forgot to mention, this was requested by @Plinko
It's not exactly like the request, but it's somewhat close

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Hello, here's a Muddy Fallout girl
Shes deciding whether to bathe or not, after all It's effective natural camouflage

A young girl on a beach trip gets lured into a forest.
She then gets forced to undress...
🌲 👧 🔫 🌲

A short story about a group of friends, who likes to Play Extreme games, this time it's twister
It was supposed to be a lot shorter and with no dialogue, but it evolved.


Here's an old Fallout render, i forgot to upload it here. Better late than never i guess

This is an unfinished short story, maybe ill finish it eventually.
But for now heres the first 15 pages

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